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A place for clairvoyants & non-clairvoyants alike to discuss experiences with spirits, good &evil.
Hi! Welcome to goldinheaven, a place on livejournal where clairvoyants, ghost enthusiasts, spiritualists, exorcists, demonologists, mediums, and others can gather to discuss their experiences with spirits of all kinds.

Please be kind to others, and do not come here saying something like, "You all are nuts, none of this stuff is real!" People who come here with negativity such as that will be dealt with by me, and that could mean that I will ban people. With that said, this is not the place for skeptics or non-believers.

Please use an LJ-cut when posting images with a width of over 250 pixels. Also, do NOT tag your entries. All tags will be added by me, as with the community memories.

Enjoy your stay, everyone! Feel free to introduce yourself. Have a nice day!