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Hello, folks! [Mar. 13th, 2008|07:46 pm]
Gold In Heaven


I'm Helen, a Christian druid from Oxfordshire, England. Since the death of my great grandmother in 1991, I have had a lot of experience of spirits of the dead and nature spirits. My great grandmother is a frequent visitor, and she often helps me to communicate with other spirits. She is fiercely protective, as she was in life, and once drove off another spirit simply because he was "disrespectful" in the way he spoke to me.

I have the good fortune to work for a lady who is open to this sort of thing in a shop that is in a powerful place in Oxford and attracts many visiting spirits. One day, I saw a blue light that I was sure was some form of nature spirit. I told my boss and rather than thinking me crazy, as I had feared, she asked if I had seen anything else. I said just occasional people, wandering around the shop, especially towards the back and I told her about the female figure who often stands a few feet away when I cash up. I suspect she is one of Erica's ancestral spirits. She's a sweet lady and makes me feel very safe.

Erica was worried that I might leave because of them. Apparently other people had. I welcome the company. It's a good place to work.

[User Picture]From: ysgawen
2008-03-13 09:52 pm (UTC)
Occasionally. Sometimes a spirit who needs help to move on will turn up there and the female spirit sometimes calls me over if someone is trying to steal something or some other situation needs my attention. Mostly, though, we just co-exist in companionable silence.
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