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Lots of spirits around [Mar. 19th, 2008|10:22 am]
Gold In Heaven


I am attracting spirits right now, probably because of the energies of the equinox. Things always happen between now and Beltane for me (1st May is the anniversary of my initiation as a druid and the time when I make a deeper commitment to the path). Add the waxing moon and the fact that I both live and work in places of power and it's not surprising that spirits are turning up.

On Monday, a group of them came, all earthbound ones. It started with one and when that one realised I was aware of him/her others came. In all, I think there were four or five. The one I spoke to was another one afraid he/she had done something so bad that only Hell could lie ahead. I was able to explain that they were safe to move on if they were ready to do so. I think they all did. I told any who didn't that they were welcome to hang around at the shop or at home until they were ready. It's lonely for earthbounds, because most people don't know they're there and most people who do discover them are terrified.

Earthbounds are not my most frequent visitors. Mostly I get nature spirits or the spirits of the dead who have already moved on. They have been around a lot recently, including my great uncle yesterday, who just popped in for a chat. Unusual for him, as he's usually just a silent, friendly presence.


From: goldabove
2008-03-25 09:55 am (UTC)
Very interesting! And your encounter gives me a new perspective on earthbound spirits.
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